Topeka Blueprint's FTP Server


Instructions for using our FTP server are available at

An FTP server provides an easy method for Topeka Blueprint to send and receive large files to and from its clients. This bypasses the problems encountered when using e-mail attachments.

ANONYMOUS USERS – For additional security TBP no longer allows anonymous users to upload and download files to/from our FTP Server. You will need to contact TBP and receive a User name and password to access our FTP Server. Sorry for the inconvenience.


CONFIDENTIALITY AND PRIVACY WARNING – Any file(s) uploaded to Topeka Blueprint’s FTP Server using one of our general FTP accounts will be available for viewing and downloading by anyone with knowledge of our general FTP account login. No privacy or confidentiality of your file(s) can be assured when using our general FTP accounts. If you require privacy, please request a private FTP login account. See below for more details.