Topeka Blueprint Co., Inc. can handle just about every printing need. We offer many services that most of our customers aren't even aware of. We hear all the time, "I didn't know Topeka Blueprint could do that!?" we want to keep you in the is what we can do for you:

Digital Blacklines | Supplies | Binding and Padding | Small Format Black and White Copies | Digital Color Copies
Large Format Color Printing and Scanning | Banners | Mounting & Laminating | Framing
Other Printing Options & Special Services

Digital Blacklines

construction blueprint copyBuilding a new home and need copies of your plans? Work in construction and need a set of plans to bid a project? Work in stained glass windows and need your pattern enlarged?

These are just a few of the things we can print in black and white on our three large-format in-house Oce 9800 machines. We can print on bond, mylar and vellum stocks. We can also take old blueprints and reverse them into blacklines. Our 9800's are also great for scanning and storing your prints on file or emailing capabilities. Pricing is based on total amount of square feet being printed.


Digital Blacklines Product Price
Copies based on 20 lb. white bond (same size as originals)
0-100 square feet $.65 square foot
101-500 square feet $.55 square foot
Over 1000 square feet
Larger jobs are based on custom quote per job
$.35 square foot
Same size prints on vellum $1.00 square foot
Same size prints on mylar $2.50 square foot
Same size prints on colored 70 lb. paper $1.00 per sheet plus printing costs
Enlargements or Reductions on 20 lb. bondpaper $.75 square foot
Blueprint reversals on 20 lb. bondpaper
(makes black lines on white background)
$1.00 square foot
Blueprint reversals on vellum $1.50 square foot
Processing of Files from disc or email $7.50 minimum charge plus printing
Scanning PDF format $5.00 per sheet, all sizes
Scanning PDF format if copies are made $2.00 per sheet, all sizes
Scanning TIFF format $5.00 per sheet, all sizes
Staple Set $.50 per set
Edge Bind (black strip binder plus stapling) $1.00 per set
Hole Drill and Post $20.00 per set



At Topeka Blueprint Co., Inc. we carry a wide variety of supplies.

Most supplies are for draftng, architecture, art and offices. Whether you are a student or a professional in any of these fields, chances are we'll have something to make your job easier or more efficient. We also stock merchandise that is no longer available for order, due to technological advances in some of these fields, so call today to see if we have the supply that you can't find anywhere else!

Here are just a few of the items we carry:


Binding and Padding

Here at Topeka Blueprint Co., Inc. we can bind any of your projects. Whether it's a spec book, a report for school, or notepads that need padded, we've got you covered.

comb bindingGBC Punch with Comb Binding

GBC Binding is our most popular form of binding. With it's rectangular square punch, and plastic comb binding, this type of binding is simple to edit by adding or removing pages with ease. Pricing is based on thickness of finished product.


Binding Thickness Price
1/4 inch to 1/2 inch $1.75 per book
9/16 inch to 1 inch $2.25 per book
1 1/8 inch to 1 1/2 inch $3.50 per book
1 3/4 inch to 2 inch $4.50 per book


unibindunibindUnibind is a new heat and glue presentation type binding we now offer. It can bind as few as 10 pages, and up to as many as 280 sheets. Since it is a glue based product, once bound it is difficult to add or remove pages. We carry a limited selection of these products on hand; ample notice is required for large orders.  There is also an option to get your own custom foil stamped image on the front and spine of hard back books.

Unibind Products Price
Clear acetate covers with black spine $5.00 per book/all sizes
Hard Back professional grade $8.00 per book/all sizes
Custom Foil Stamped hard back books available on large orders inquire for custom quote



Anywhere from 2 to 100 sheets of small output printing can stapled into sets.

1 staple = $.05 per set
2 or 3 staples = $.20 per set



We can pad your office's notepads, phone memo sheets, invoices and more with our clear padding compound. Items when padded are held together with a firm piece of chipboard backing.

Padding is $.20 per pad, with a $4.00 minimum


Small Format Black and White Copies

black and white copiesSmall format black and white copies are a large part of what we do at Topeka Blueprint. Our staff can help you with copies of your resume, tax returns, legal documents and more. Our Savin 8135 machines, are some of the fastest in the business and most jobs can be completed while you wait!  Our prices are based on auto-fed originals in our document feeder and are ran on 20 lb. bond paper. If originals have been folded or stapled and require extra labor, additional fees apply.

Small Format B&W Products 8½ x 11 8½ x 14 11 x 17
Originals that are front and back are counted as 2 originals.
1 to 100 copies $.10 ea.  $.15 ea.  $.30 ea
101 to 500 copies $.09 ea.  $.13 ea. $.20 ea.
501 to 1000 copies $.04 ea. $.07 ea.  $.10 ea.
Over 1000 $.07 ea. $.09 ea. $.15 ea.
Hand Fed Originals $.30 each/any size    
Additional Services $75/hour    


Digital Color Copies

Digital color copies are a huge part of what we do at Topeka Blueprint. Flyers, brochures, photographs, and even scrapbook pages are just a few things we can color copy for you. Prices aer based on originals that are ready to copy and can be fed through a feeder.

Additional charges may apply to copies that require editing or copies made from disk.

Digital Color Copy Product 1 - 50 51 - 100 101-500
8.5" x 11" $.65 $.50 $.40
65lb. cardstock add $.20 per print    
100lb. cardstock add $.25 per print    
Transparency add $.50 per print    
11" x 17" $1.25 $1.00 $.80


Large Format Color Printing and Scanning

HP 5500 large format color printing and scanningPhoto Enlargements, Renderings, Sponsorship Signs, Maps and more can be printed using our HP6000 and Oce Colorwave large format color plotter. We can print anything up to 42 inches wide! Many paper and other media options available.


Type of Stock Price Per Sq. Ft.
24lb. color bond $4.00
32lb. color bond $5.00
Photo $6.00
Canvas $10.00
Vinyl $5.00



Have a sports team and need a banner? Going to a convention and need materials for your booth? Advertising a sale or upcoming event?... then let Topeka Blueprint help you. We have multiple options to choose from when it comes to banners. Whether your banner needs to withstand outdoor weather or is always hung indoors we've got you covered. We can print on vinyl, tyvek, canvas and more. Our 2x6 foot banner with display is one of our most popular banner items.

Banner ProductPrice
2x6 foot banner printed on Tyvek with 4 grommetts $48.00
Black Display Stand to fit 2x6 (folds up great for easy travel and storage) $65.00
Vinyl banner with sewn edges and grommetts (5 working days) $5.00/sq ft
Tyvek banner $4.00/sq ft
Canvas banner $10.00/sq ft
Grommets $.75 each


Mounting & Laminating

Mounting On white foamboard $5.00 sq. ft.
  On black foamboard $5.00 sq. ft.
  On mighty-core $4.50 sq. ft.
Laminating Business card size $.75
  8.5 x 11 $1.50
  11 x 17 $2.50
  Up to 24 x 36, laminated both sides $2.50 sq. ft.
  Over 36 x 48, laminated both sides $3.50 sq. ft.

* Mounting and Laminating are both irreversible processes.



Topeka Blueprint offers a wide variety of metal and wood frame mouldings to custom fit your needs. We also carry an in-house plastic frame that is perfect for items that have been mounted on foamboard.

Single Plastic framing for foam board$1.50 running foot
Double Plastic framing for foam board
(has wider edge for easier hanging options)
$2.00 running foot
Metal and Wood Mouldings Prices range from $5.00 to $10.00
running foot
Glass $5.00 sq. ft.
Plexiglass $8.00 sq. ft.


Other Printing Options & Special Services.......

At Topeka Blueprint, we can do so much more! Some of other services include but are not limited to: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, self-inking stamps, labels and stickers.

Some of other special services include:

Graphic Design/Layout$75.00 per hour with $15.00 minimum
Cutting $1.00 per cut, $2.50 minimum
Wrapping packages for shipping $2.00 per package
Folding 8.5 x 11 $20.00 per 1000
Folding 11 x 17 $30.00 per 1000
Hand Collating, hand sorting
or other time consuming services
$75.00 per hour


All prices subject to change without notice.